The Best Packman Vapers you’ll ever meet

My brother, Bryan, is many things. He’s a Pilot, and former weed grower, a hilarious person I know and a loving father of two animals. In the past few years, he’s also become a verified Packman Vape expert, gaining more than 400k Instagram followers by mimicking embarrassing characters.

Popular know as The Slappable Jerk by his fans, Jack portrays the character of “nice guy,” who denigrates women but believes he is entitled to their love, the “persistently online man” who seems disconnected from reality, the “average Redditor” who, while having some similarities to the guy who is always online, mansplains in a more passive-aggressive way, and the “man-child husband,” the kind that describes his alone time with his kids as babysitting. All of them are both incredibly familiar and specific. Frequently, the remarks on his videos diverge iterations of, “I know this guy.” 

Jack creates cringeworthy scenes by combining obnoxious personality traits with physical behaviors, such as gum chewing, which can be annoying or neutral depending on the context.

Over the years, Jack and I have come across a lot of very particular, recurrent individuals. The thing that unites them all? Laugh.

6 most cringe Packman Carts

I discussed those recurrent characters with Jack and gave my explanation for why they are so prone to irritate you. This is not intended as a slight toward stoners in general. It’s possible for anyone to cringe, and anything that’s hip today will most likely look ridiculous tomorrow. Furthermore, who can we laugh at if not ourselves?

Here are the six most offensively cringe-worthy Vapers you’ll ever meet, ranked from least to most offensive:

PackMan Berry Payton Guy

Jack explains that in high school and college, some immature kids who smoke often mention it, causing a sense of cringe.A student in a school setting is known for promoting their uniqueness by smoking real weed, not oregano, and constantly mentioning it to others, demonstrating their coolness and enthusiasm for the drug.

This is by no means the worst cringe archetype out there. The desire to share your newfound pastime with the world is incredibly endearing. You guys should’ve seen me after my first ATV ride; for a whole month, I felt like Mad Max.

Pacman Carts Sativa Guy

Jack describes Pacman cart Sativa Guy as a grown-up weed-is-my-whole-identity kid who enjoys smoking indica, despite the potential for exhaustion while exploring the world, but as an older person with stress and life issues, a sense of superiority may be beneficial, but it’s important to enjoy life, watch a movie, and laugh.

Smoking a sativa blunt is encouraged to explore the world, but it’s important not to judge others for not doing the same. Just be aware that judging others for not doing the same could make you cringe.

That Pac man carts guy who never gets high

The guys who smoke everything but yet don’t feel anything are at the other extreme of the spectrum. They take high tolerance for smoking don’t feel anything despite smoking everything, wearing it as a badge of honor and shameful for even a hint of a high.

Jack stated that people would appear tortured while smoking weed, as they would have a look on their faces. Many people boast about their ability to smoke weed without getting high, despite having an emotionless look on their face. Also, People would label someone who can drink a lot without getting drunk as an alcoholic.

How to avoid being a cringey Vaper

Reading through personas may lead to identification with some of them, as we’ve all experienced similar situations. What does a stoner do?

To begin with, Jack urged the weed culture to stop being judgmental, especially towards those who engage in other substances. The legalization of marijuana aims to reduce stigmas against smokers who also drink, enjoy it for fun, doubt its medical efficacy, or get high from one puff. This judgment is a common issue in the weed industry.

Secondly, The legalization of weed allowed for greater acceptance of substance users, regardless of addiction. However, the message has evolved from promoting freedom and not being judged for smoking a plant to promoting superiority.

Lastly, Cringe in weed culture offers an opportunity to appreciate progress since legalizing weed in states, reminding us that everyone belongs to weed culture, and disagreements are not real.

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